WE HAVE TO LEAVE | Building our Home in the Woods 

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We've Escaped to the Wilderness & We're Building our Home at a Cabin in the Woods | After 2 months of renovations and full-time living up here it's time to leave!
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Here it is friends: the new adventure we've been dreaming and saving for since we first met 8 years ago. We've always envisioned moving into the woods by the lake and building our dream tiny cabin as a home base for us to come back to in between our international travels. We cannot wait to have a place to call our own!! This week we tie up a few loose ends and then have to leave the cabin for the first time since moving here!
Catch up on our cabin in the woods videos: bit.ly/3mNAcpX
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Who are we?
We're Eamon and Bec, a Canadian couple who previously lived and traveled full-time in our self converted Sprinter Van!! When the pandemic hit earlier this year we made the difficult decision to abandon our van in Africa and fly home to Canada. Now we're here... living at a cabin in the Canadian wilderness preparing for a cold, snowy winter ahead 🥶 .
Our goal here is to inspire you to chase after your own dreams! We hope to create a community of like-minded, positive individuals who will grow to love and support one another on their own journeys.

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Dec 13, 2020




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Eamon & Bec
Eamon & Bec 4 months ago
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Connie Johnson CJ
Connie Johnson CJ 3 hours ago
You should say Eamon like Amen, or Eamon like Eh I’m Eamon lie Eh for Canadian!
the Beast
the Beast 3 months ago
And also in van
the Beast
the Beast 3 months ago
You guys have to install security gear in your houseus-first.info/player/video/fq99gpidl6JneXk.html
Larry Freeman
Larry Freeman 4 months ago
@Country Pines Cottage I totally agree wit h your comments. Maybe Eamon and Bec can jump in here. Thinking they assume all viewers live in the US of A???
Hannah77ist 4 months ago
Hi Eamon, great job on the decking your a man of many talents, i just thought of an idea to strengthen the metal for support of the weight of your vehicle, you can weld some iron pieces to the sides where most of the weight goes, it may prevent it from bending. I hope your father has a speedy recovery, knee surgery can be tricky it takes a little time to adjust so keep an eye on him, he needs to take it easy. Would of been nice to have him stay with you guys a little longer, in anycase just want to add, your kitchen ceiling would look great painted white to brighton up the space. I hope you guys have a merry christmas and a happy new year.
Angela Smith
Angela Smith 5 hours ago
OMG Bob is crazy coming back to the office after surgery! He’s HILARIOUS 😆
Liz Henkle
Liz Henkle 7 days ago
Enjoy your time with your family! Relax and keep that leg elevated when you are sitting.
Yetti Salem
Yetti Salem 9 days ago
Bob is the best part of this show. And Tim’s leggings.
Yitzy Katz
Yitzy Katz 11 days ago
What happened to the van?
Traveler Peet
Traveler Peet 16 days ago
Yasssssss! Hamilton!!!!
proinseas O'Kiellig
Bob reminds me of Christopher Walkin x
Kaitlyn Holling
Kaitlyn Holling Month ago
Omg 😍😍😍 so when’s the wedding??!!!
Christi Wilson
Christi Wilson Month ago
Where do you get your boots?
Kaitlyn Holling
Kaitlyn Holling Month ago
Your channel is better than HGTV i swear 😂♥️♥️♥️
Bob Bruce
Bob Bruce Month ago
Get well soon. Great show!!
Teresa Wommack
Teresa Wommack Month ago
Deck looks nice
Scarlett Summer
Scarlett Summer Month ago
Bob for mayor of Bec Bay!!
101beechbum Month ago
Love Bob!!
Maggie LB
Maggie LB Month ago
Bob - Get that knee workin FAST so you can show the young’ins how it’s done! 😜
Joan Holland
Joan Holland Month ago
You guys are a lot of fun!!
Stephanie Isla
Stephanie Isla Month ago
Anyonle notice how great Bob is looking!!
Buzzin Bee
Buzzin Bee Month ago
Where's the van? Bob Godspeed recovery! Love the deck and projects moving along.♥
Liam Theo Creative
I can’t get over how beautiful the cabin and land is that you have. The cabin should be named serenity.
Steven Tolliver
Steven Tolliver Month ago
Eamon would like to know more about that business with the steamer parts!?!
Keri Decker
Keri Decker Month ago
I've missed so much! For some reason I stopped seeing notifications for your uploads. Omg it's going to be catch up on Eamon and Bec day.
Ted Wang
Ted Wang Month ago
Bob, hope you get better soon
StellaPastLife Month ago
If you guys were animals you'd be worker ants.
StellaPastLife Month ago
Who's Bob?
Margo Burns
Margo Burns 2 months ago
Bob rocks!
Amber Lyda
Amber Lyda 2 months ago
Dying to know more about the music in this video!
Darrell P
Darrell P 2 months ago
GWS Bob, we lov ya'
llyn drake
llyn drake 2 months ago
I think Bob is a cutie....do you think he may be partial to fluffy girls?
docanaheim55 2 months ago
Hey honcho I know hind sight is always 20/20 . Get rid of the impact wrench away from your automobiles. The sockets due to indirect torque. My father said if he ever saw me using an impact wrench he would break my arm if the imwpact wrench didn't break i First. He said invest in a steel 4. -
docanaheim55 2 months ago
Way lug wrench.. it's hard to sheer a bolt. With t j.g is tool.
Lauper Bollier
Lauper Bollier 2 months ago
We all you Bob...Get better soon
Victoria Gomez
Victoria Gomez 2 months ago
Bob you are great!
kathryn witte
kathryn witte 2 months ago
I think you’ll regret getting rid of the tool shelving when you sell the cabin soon. Weren’t you expecting to sell it in the spring?
Katrina Fowler
Katrina Fowler 2 months ago
Bob!!!! You’re a gem! Hope. You’re feeling MUCH better.... I’m so late to the game 😄
Gabriella Haas
Gabriella Haas 2 months ago
Where do you find the people in your videos to help you? I have a cottage two hours before Kingston, Ontario and trying to get anyone to come up and help with building things is a nightmare!
Dottie Lewis
Dottie Lewis 2 months ago
You need the LIFE360 APP for safety
hollandduck79 2 months ago
Patricia Lozano
Patricia Lozano 2 months ago
I'm new. Did you sell your business? I see on the internet that your tea is still available or am I wrong?
Henry Kowalewski
Henry Kowalewski 2 months ago
Love Bob!
Henry Kowalewski
Henry Kowalewski 2 months ago
November was awesome...
Harvey Mushman
Harvey Mushman 2 months ago
Soy and soy in meat is not good for men nor is soybean oil...tofu...soy sauce....soy messes up a mans body like you would not believe.... us-first.info/player/video/aKekp6-UdaiCgXU.html
Harvey Mushman
Harvey Mushman 2 months ago
Eamon you have a very cool Pop...your a very lucky man....
Kiersten H.
Kiersten H. 2 months ago
The intro song was delightful with those drone shots of the lake and the woodland creatures.
Eno Champs
Eno Champs 2 months ago
The laughable girl suprisingly ban because air technologically type beneath a rhetorical low. slimy, bustling gateway
Chad Powell
Chad Powell 2 months ago
You would think that of all people, Canadians wouldn't struggle with Eamon... Eh man?
Kristi Randall
Kristi Randall 2 months ago
I'm just here to say I love Bob! The he was up and about after a surgery and fixing his room to be a better layout for him. Glad you guys were able to look out for him for a few days, not that he needed it! Lol
Spiridon Dimaris
Spiridon Dimaris 2 months ago
Bob good to see you again with eamon and bec what happened you had nee replacement I hope you do good happy healing God bless
1thezoe 2 months ago
Your show is spot on great!! Much love
SBelle84 2 months ago
Macie Salyers
Macie Salyers 2 months ago
Where are your boots from I love them?!!
Robert Boyd
Robert Boyd 2 months ago
Take it easy Bob, I got the same operation and went too fast but it was no help, so Bob Easy Does It !
Mo A
Mo A 2 months ago
Hey do you have a list of the music you used?
Amy Poucher
Amy Poucher 2 months ago
I love bob he reminds me of my dad 💗
The Scho
The Scho 2 months ago
Yet another inspirational video
Suzannah Chirgwin-wade
You have such a beautiful home and view is out of this world
Suzannah Chirgwin-wade
You are having total knee replacement, I had both knees done total knee replacement
Suzannah Chirgwin-wade
Hi guys I missed you guy
The Forever Homestead
Hey guys..... Your videos are awesome. We discovered you from the stats on our channel. We are the Forever Homestead and your channel is sending allot of views are way. I love seeing more Canadian Content on here when it comes to Off Grid Ontario. Just subscribed and we are currently binge watching your journey
Kristina Sylvester
Kristina Sylvester 3 months ago
Thanks for having captioning on your videos. I can really follow along now.
bi chou
bi chou 3 months ago
Dan Finerman
Dan Finerman 3 months ago
Love your videos, they have been keeping me up late at night, the wife tells me to get some sleep but I wanna watch another.
Yalo's Little World
Yalo's Little World 3 months ago
I love bob get well soon bob, new here and I love yours videos !
Claire Phaneuf
Claire Phaneuf 3 months ago
l Love Bob! :)
Mia Mildh
Mia Mildh 3 months ago
Love that you take cear off dady so well, and love our videos allways ❤️🤗🙏🍀👍💕Big hugs to you all ❤️🙏🤗💕🍀👍
Alex Barone
Alex Barone 3 months ago
Where is your pink and orange bedding from?? 😍😍
Brenno Araujo de Oliveira
Greetings from Paraguay. Well done for all your job Eamon and Bec.
Meg Wysatta
Meg Wysatta 3 months ago
Hope Bob is all back to normal!
Leontine Van Ewijk
Leontine Van Ewijk 3 months ago
Bob is just like my dad after his knee surgary. He got 2 new knees. And after 4 weeks he was building a chimnee on the roof. Bob you are doeing just fine👌👌
Christine Lesko
Christine Lesko 3 months ago
breaking that socket - it didn't look like you had impact rated sockets to use with the air gun...get some penetrant spray, spray it, let it soak then hit it again with the air gun & an impact socket..(take it from an aircraft mechanic, it works!)
Georgina Mcallum
Georgina Mcallum 3 months ago
Sunrise cabin Sunset cabin. The love cabin Happy sunset cabin
Georgina Mcallum
Georgina Mcallum 3 months ago
You guys realize that it takes for ever to the police to get there.
Join the Joiners
Join the Joiners 3 months ago
Call your accountant Rob until he gets the point.
Tom byrne
Tom byrne 3 months ago
get well BOB
keka hardy
keka hardy 3 months ago
Get well soon Bob!! Fantastic job guys
Steve Baker
Steve Baker 3 months ago
not for nothin, but Eamon's not completely there... he's a lot of fun n all tho, so it's alguds. n Bob? 2 + hrs in a gator that particular youngster? .. you're a survivor for sure!
Ginger K
Ginger K 3 months ago
Hope you're doing well Bob!!!
Ginger Marie
Ginger Marie 3 months ago
Jesus said in Mark 1:15 "And saying, the time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand Repent ye, and believe the Gospel." Jesus said in John 14:q15 "If you love Me, keep My commandments." Revelation 21:8 says "But for the cowardly, and unbelieving and abominable and murderers and immoral persons and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars, their part will be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone..."
Patrick C
Patrick C 3 months ago
Hey y'all really enjoy your videos. What editing software do you all use?
Adventure Awaits with RJ and Heather
We LOVE following along on your journey. You’ve motivated my husband and I to go tiny and pursue our dreams of finding a more beautiful place to live! Thank you for showing us it’s possible! 💕
Steve Lenores
Steve Lenores 3 months ago
I'm glad you guys found a real home. Last winter's stay in Mexico looked rough even if you guys put a happy face on it.
silverstreak328 3 months ago
I don't think your drone shot footage is the same frame rate as your project. You can fix this by matching it before shooting, or use motion interpolation in the project to re-smooth it.
Diane Ross
Diane Ross 3 months ago
Tim and bob should have their own channel they are funny
Acelynn Rodriguez
Acelynn Rodriguez 3 months ago
I love the part where Bec was listening to Hamilton like yas
Ethan Button
Ethan Button 3 months ago
Get better Bob
Chris Short
Chris Short 3 months ago
ssounz 3 months ago
Missed you Bob. Good to see you back!
vanhalla adventures
vanhalla adventures 3 months ago
Hope yer doing well Bob!
Alyse Whalen
Alyse Whalen 3 months ago
ILove watching you guys
I Am
I Am 3 months ago
Fresh Air does that to Humans
justyna maria
justyna maria 3 months ago
Get well soon!
justyna maria
justyna maria 3 months ago
I can’t wait for the wedding video
Naya Rahbany
Naya Rahbany 3 months ago
Omg you guys have to get a selk bag it is basically a body sleeping bag and you can do work in them it is perfect for where are you guys are you stay so warm!!!!!
Suzannah Chirgwin-wade
The wildlife must fantastic, you have done a fantastic job with the extra room
Connie Barnes
Connie Barnes 3 months ago
Get well soon Bob and take care of yourself! Also, please share where you bought the stair treads? Thanks!
Saed Sadeghi
Saed Sadeghi 3 months ago
Hey Bob get well soon man.
Isabella Sterling
Isabella Sterling 3 months ago
YAY!!!!!! BOB
Bob is great!! As a matter of fact... your entire family and friend circle dynamic is awesome!!!
Ealanna Hindbaugh
Ealanna Hindbaugh 3 months ago
Bec where did you get your gray sweatpants and sweatshirt set? My sister and I were wondering because they look cozy and comfy!
Eamon Labron
Eamon Labron 3 months ago
New to the channel, but loving this all so much! Very inspired. Also, hi from one Canadian Eamon to another, I understand the 'Ee-mon' troubles :D
Desirée Massey
Desirée Massey 3 months ago
Bob, so cute!! He was just like me after each of my knee surgeries "I got this!" 😅 Hopefully you have a speedy recovery! St.Mikes has amazing orthopedic surgeons🤞🏽✨
Desirée Massey
Desirée Massey 3 months ago
Eamon, you should by Milwaukee's heated coat - life changer!!! 🙌🏽
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