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When we first moved to our cabin in the woods there was 1 thing we thought would change everything and the time has FINALLY arrived.
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We've always envisioned moving into the woods by the lake and building our dream tiny cabin as a home base for us to come back to in between our international van life travels. We cannot wait to have a place to call our own!!
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Who are we?
We're Eamon and Bec, a Canadian couple who previously lived and traveled full-time in our self converted Sprinter Van!! When the pandemic hit earlier this year we made the difficult decision to abandon our van in Africa and fly home to Canada. Now we're here... living at a cabin in the Canadian wilderness looking forward to an amazing spring ahead 💐☀️ .

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Mar 28, 2021




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Sandra Mckinlay
Wondering what happened to you guys some other people I used to watch US-first started charging them & they went away.
Robert Casebolt
Robert Casebolt 6 hours ago
Hey worried about you guys no post in three weeks
Victoriaplum 9 hours ago
Come back my lovelies we are all here to support you through these tough times (poor beautiful Lee) I know you were good friends xxx
robert linaker
robert linaker 19 hours ago
just got the news about Lee. Devastated for you both. she was such a beautiful person inside and out, she'll be missed. Big hugs guys xxx
Respectwomen 20 hours ago
lee was the "&" in eamon & bec im so hurt i cant ever even say becs name without getting sad take as much time as you need
Ingrid Sterling
Ingrid Sterling 21 hour ago
Hi dear ones. Now I know why you haven't posted for 3 weeks. I just heard about Lee from Craig and Amie's post today and my heart go out to you for your deep loss. With love. May your hearts find solace in this time of sorrow.
OB Wan
OB Wan Day ago
You know guys I really like you guys...But 3 weeks without a video is a bit long..I realize your friend died...I get it,but this long is a bit much..When my Mother died I was only allowed a week off when I worked for the US Government.. Come on cup cakes get your shit together and let us see whats happening in your life,we miss you....
MeMoAndChase B
Take your time guys this must be so so hard for you. See u when ever, if ever you are ready... so sorry to hear the news. 💙💜💙💜
Angela Mooring
OMG! Honey’s are y’all ok!? Please let us know. My prayers are with y’all and Lee’s family! I’m floored that this beautiful soul was going through this! I will pray for you both and her family. 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Love y’all!!
shannon fleming
I hope you guys are okay 😣 haven’t seen a video since the tragedy.... I love you bec i know this is hard on you I can feel it from the US. STAY STRONG
kathleen fredrickson
I am missing you both and Mosa.
Lee B
Lee B Day ago
Just in case no one has told you two today, thank you for sharing your lives with all of us. You are very special, wonderful people and are so appreciated and loved.
Justin Dodge
Justin Dodge Day ago
You guys are amazing! You bring to much light to my day! Sending all my love!
Lale Fine
Lale Fine Day ago
Are you guys doing ok? I can imagine how hard it has to be. Love you guys and sending you lots if good thoughts
Adrian Hill
Adrian Hill Day ago
So very sorry to here the devastating news 😭 hope you are both doing ok and totally understand why no uploads at the moment but just letting you know you are very much missed here in the UK sending our Love ❤️
Dyana Ruiz
Dyana Ruiz Day ago
I miss you guys ♥️
Lauren M
Lauren M Day ago
We miss you, hope you’re doing OK💗
docanaheim55 Day ago
I know it's been awhile since the glass wall went up . Spring doth sprung and in due time you will want to make some sort of a shutter wall to weatherize the front window wall. Build a movable hinge attached shutter wall.
Lakeside Homestead With Dave and Karen
Hello from Karen and Dave (Ryan’s parents lol!!) We missed seeing you at the one of a kind show in Toronto....Stupid covid!!!
pjdave66 2 days ago
Hey you two hope all is well
Greg Belnap
Greg Belnap 2 days ago
We love following you guys. We miss your videos. Hope to see you back soon.
Eleanora Reeves
Eleanora Reeves 2 days ago
Ok so where is Eamon & Bec at? Looks like the last video was Mar 28, 2021
Wellness Sarah
Their best friend died by suicide.
Rebecca Bahama
Rebecca Bahama 2 days ago
Just heard about Lee😢. Such sad news. I hope you guys are coping. Take time to heal and know we are all here when you come back. Sending love🤗... "It's OK not to be OK! "... I suffer from burnout and depression!.. We should be more open about mental health.
One Heart
One Heart 2 days ago
My heart is with you guys! 💜
Tariq Iqbal
Tariq Iqbal 2 days ago
The world and humanity need neither weapons, nor wars, but knowledge, peace and brotherhood.
Traycie Walker
Traycie Walker 2 days ago
Take care guys. Your time is yours not ours. Hope you see the stars and remember your dear friemd is one of them
Karen Munro
Karen Munro 2 days ago
I miss you guys 😘
CB GB 2 days ago
I just came over here to say I’m so sorry for your loss. I’ve not been online for a while and just heard. Lee was a superstar and I wanted to say I’m thinking about you both and all of Lee’s friends and family right now. Hopefully you already know this, but please don’t feel any pressure to get back to making videos - the voiced masses on the internet can sometimes be a little pushy for content, but when something tragic happens, we all understand you are human beings and you need time. Give yourselves time and remember your friend. She was one in a million xxx Edit: I lost a really close friend today and we don’t yet know what happened to her, but there is an incling she may have taken her own life and I am devastated. I have gone over to the go fund me for speak up for Lee and made a donation - I want to try to help stop this kind of hurt from happening to even one person. Xxx
Tracy Lindsey
Tracy Lindsey 2 days ago
My heart is with you guys..
Julie O'Neil
Julie O'Neil 2 days ago
#speakupforLee. My best friend Lynn Stafford Yilmaz committed suicide January 13, 2008 and my heart still aches everyday. #speakupforLee and speakupforALL. Bec and Eamon love each other.
Julie O'Neil
Julie O'Neil 2 days ago
My heart aches for Bec and Eamon!
Randi Kiki
Randi Kiki 2 days ago
Omg I just heard your Reroot podcast with Lee! She is brilliant. She would have made an excellent motivational speaker. She really helped me. I listened to it twice. What an excellent interview you both did. Now I keep wondering what happened to that beautiful woman. Suicidal depression creeps up before you know what to do. You were amazing friends and I send my sincerest condolences. Lee really processed her feelings in the podcast. She was in an amazing headspace. You must be devastated. My heart goes out to you both. 💞💞
Karissa 2 days ago
Had to click the like button bc I’m not a liar and those windows are.... SICK!!!!!!! So great! And the part where you asked the guys if you could film them literally made me LOL bc of how you phrased it! You’ll hit 1 million soon enough, bc you guys DO have the vision! Much love from Chicago!
Nathan Carson
Nathan Carson 3 days ago
Forgive me, but I think I will write for all when I say this. Don't look back in sadness, regrets, or what-if's. You both can watch the smiles, listen to the laughs and know that Lee is a kindred spirit.
Zakariae Jebrouni
were are you ? are you ok ??????????? 2 wicks without vidéo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Laura Martin
Laura Martin 3 days ago
Guys, we are worried about you!! I hope you are doing better... I'm truly sorry for your loss! I send you my love!
Marie Arsenault
Marie Arsenault 3 days ago
miss you guys take all the time
JAMES BROWN 3 days ago
So no more videos after Lee died?
PJ s
PJ s 2 days ago
give them time for fucks sake, how rude
Tay Katoo
Tay Katoo 3 days ago
We love you both... no rush. Taking care of yourselves is most important ❤️
Susan Lombardo
Susan Lombardo 3 days ago
Great Job guys!!
Denise Mercado
Denise Mercado 3 days ago
Missing your videos. Hope all is well. When will we see another video on your cabin renovations?
Kelleena Borner
Kelleena Borner 3 days ago
Thinking about u all three including Bob , may Jesus keep u close and provide the hope we all need each day . Just know we are thinking about u and praying always . I sure do miss u all three :)
Giovanna Campos
Giovanna Campos 3 days ago
Did Lee die? Also why did they stop posting?
Chelsea Hunt
Chelsea Hunt 3 days ago
Hey where are the videos at? Can’t wait for more
Susan Cameron
Susan Cameron 3 days ago
Hey guys ... I hope you are ok. This is an immensely difficult time, Lee was an amazing woman. Yours and Lees online community friends are here if you need us. All the way from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 .. love you xxx
Princess Thompson
Marry bec
Rebeca Fiallo
Rebeca Fiallo 4 days ago
Bec... we miss you. Take you time, but I want you to know we do miss seen, hearing and seeing renovating your house with Eamon. You give us energy, and we can see that you care for people. You give us hope that in this world that people like you exist. Do take care! Do know that you both matters to a lot of people. Love you!
Leon Lumsden
Leon Lumsden 4 days ago
Where are you guys? I miss you so much!
Derric Montoya
Derric Montoya 4 days ago
U cant be doing this to us guys!! I wait alk week for my fix!!.. Please put out a ten min video!! ( this is in the best filling ..meaning a happy way)... Please an thank u!!
Derric Montoya
Derric Montoya 4 days ago
Thos mush mean we get a extra long video!!! Deal!!!
Geraldine Acosta
Geraldine Acosta 4 days ago
I miss you guys, guess you needed a break. Come back soon ok smile
Colette 4 days ago
I'm so sorry to hear about your friend.
jane frances
jane frances 4 days ago
We watched some of your old videos today from your trip to the UK (where we live) and Ireland. What beautiful places and such lovely people you met on your travels.... so lovely to watch. So we still got to see you on Sunday (-: Take good care and be very gentle with yourselves at this time. Much love xx
Carol English
Carol English 4 days ago
I would really like to know if Lee's passing had to do with Max...i'm devastated like everyone else...i can't stop thinking about beautiful Lee...any insight would help put all of this into perspective..i have gone over all the videos...i've overthought this...please any thoughts would help...i know there had to b an event that snowballed this depression to total darkness...please
Brandon Hooper
Brandon Hooper 4 days ago
I am so for you guys' loss!!! I just heard about Lee! I know how close you guys were! It hurts me so much to know that she was hurting so much, and decided that was the only way out! I want you guys to know that I am praying for you! Please give my condolences to her family for me! I love you guys so much!!!
Michael Kerr
Michael Kerr 4 days ago
Jesus, that is gorgeous. Those windows are a dream. Nicely done.
Just Soyouknow
Just Soyouknow 4 days ago
Hey Eamon and Bec, I lost my buddy to suicide. I actually hired him as a contractor for an oil company doing work for them overseas. We were both prior military so we had great commonalities. I knew he had demons as every few months we would be on the sat phone for a few hours as I would talk him down and I felt we connected and he was ok. He left our employment and about 6 months later, I learned he took his own life and left behind a beautiful wife and little girl. To this very moment my heart tears apart in grief that I could have done more. His wife reached out and let me know that he would want me to carry on and live my life. I am having a hard time with it.
Viajes de Pedro
Viajes de Pedro 4 days ago
and the new video?
Tiffany Sweeney
Tiffany Sweeney 4 days ago
Found myself listening to your podcast and then coming here to watch old episodes of you all. Starting here and working my way backwards as I found out about Lee halfway through this video and couldn’t watch it anymore. I hope you guys are healing well. I hope you are loving each other’s company and I hope Lee is with you every single day. I know she’s been with me. ❤️
Sebastian Mruk
Sebastian Mruk 4 days ago
Where is the new video?
Julie Griffiths
Julie Griffiths 4 days ago
I thought there were coming back today. :(
Globe Trotting
Globe Trotting 4 days ago
I just wanted to stop by and say I'm sorry for your loss of Lee. Sending my prayers and well wishes. I hope you will find some comfort in knowing how kind you were to her while she was here in Earth. You brought great joy to her life!
Lynn Sands
Lynn Sands 4 days ago
Water makes a great view. You guys are blessed!!!!
Helen Reid
Helen Reid 4 days ago
Miss you guys! Hope all is well! Hugs from a grandma in Peterborough!
Psychicmedium Molly Reardon
I am sorry about Lee my brother died of suicide at 20 my heart is with you
Emily Morgan
Emily Morgan 4 days ago
I used to get so excited for Sundays to watch your videos. I hope you plan to return one day. I'm so sorry for your loss.
Debby Etheridge
Debby Etheridge 4 days ago
I waited all day, I miss you
Oh Eamon and Bec - I just learned by reading the comments on this video this afternoon of the tragic loss of your dear friend. I am so truly sorry to learn of her passing and wish for you both to find comfort in the love of your family, your friends and each other as you grieve such a devastating loss.
Kiss MyGrits
Kiss MyGrits 4 days ago
Missing y’all!!!♥️
Heather S
Heather S 4 days ago
Also find it so interesting that e and b, and for basically 99.9% of commenters, letting the choices of a person you didnt even actually know, effect them so much. I get that they were friends and yes will be grieving but I cant even fathom just disappearing from my life if I lost a friend who wasnt even around all the time. I get empathy but I'm beginning to think we are nurturing a normal culture of being overly sensitive and invested in peoples lives that dont even effect us like at all besides for having an excuse to be sad and draw attention to ourselves via sending sympathetic remarks. It's funny how death brings out all the people wanting to feel important and pat themselves on the back for a nice comment when they were completely absent for a long time. Life sucks, bad things happen which are sad, but life goes on for everyone else. Better to pull yourself out of the pity party of sadness because you miss someone and get back into what you can control which is your own life and choices. 🤷🏻‍♀️ hope they can figure out a way to overcome this. Guess I just have become thick skinned from dealing with it so much lol
Just Soyouknow
Just Soyouknow 4 days ago
Having dealt with this myself, I think you make great points, ones that Lee herself and my buddy that took his own life would agree with 100%
hjermsted22 4 days ago
If you have not yet experienced for yourself the trauma of a sudden irreversible loss of another human being,... lucky you! It's probably better to be quiet, listen (in this case read) and learn. Loss is the part of life no one gets to avoid.
Alexis Wright
Alexis Wright 4 days ago
You're doing exactly what you're complaining about. Commenting multiple times and obviously overly invested in their lives and what they "should" be doing. Leave these people alone. they don't owe you or anyone weekly entertainment on social media, especially while dealing with a tragedy. Have a heart .
Je Star
Je Star 4 days ago
just because you don't understand what someone else is doing, does not make it wrong. btw, are you sure you're not talking about yourself in this comment. i mean if you were so good at life why would you feel the need to comment on other people's comment. you're still basically telling people how you think they should be. just saying, maybe you should follow your own advice. further,seems pretty cold hearted to criticize people for grieving. you might want to look at that.
ThePinoin 4 days ago
holy sociopath tendency. get yourself check by a psychologist.
Chrissi Ashton
Chrissi Ashton 4 days ago
Miss you guys soooo much! I look forward to Sundays to make me smile. My heart goes out to you both for your loss. Love to you both!!!
Heather S
Heather S 4 days ago
I dont get this peacing out on a job/normal routine when a loss happens. Must be nice to have such a luxury. Life must go on.
Fabien HUGUES 3 days ago
If it is a luxury for you, maybe you should consider some changes in your life to make you more free... I can do whatever the hell I want because I chose to not get into debt to much and paid back as fast as possible, there is no such freedom as being debt free... debt is modern slavery (you end up working for banks to pay your interest on money they just created from thin hair or borrowed at a negative rate...)
Je Star
Je Star 4 days ago
@Heather S Are you angry because you didn't feel like you could take the time to grieve in your own life?
Heather S
Heather S 4 days ago
@Brianna Rose lol wasnt being bitchy. Is a legit wonder. They can do what they want. Just saying I find it a bit baffling. And it is a luxury to be able to do so. I had the luxury to go care for my dying cousin but when she was gone I did not have the luxury to disappear from my normal routine I had to return to my life.
Brianna Rose
Brianna Rose 4 days ago
Heather don't be bitchy. They can do what they want. Plenty of other videos you can go and watch.
Entirely Honest
Entirely Honest 4 days ago
Just heard about Lee...I am so sorry...she was such a beautiful soul. Sending you guys love
Off Spring
Off Spring 4 days ago
Looking forward to your return. My condolences to Lee.
Tiffany Anderson
Tiffany Anderson 4 days ago
Who needs a big screen TV with view like that!! Amazing transformation.
L. D.
L. D. 4 days ago
We love you and are sending warm embraces to you two. Take all the time you need to nurse your beautiful hearts. We are so very sorry for your loss. Hold each other close. We're all out here holding you.
Stephen Martin
Stephen Martin 4 days ago
What’s happen with your videos not had video in3 weeks
Stephen Martin
Stephen Martin 4 days ago
Thanks I did not know that that’s a shamm
K R 4 days ago
Their best friend died, Lee.
Wheres Wally
Wheres Wally 4 days ago
Sunday mornings have not been the same without you. Hope each day gets easier as Lee's light shines bright through the ones who knew and loved her. 🙏🤗
Vishnu Rajan Vishnu Rajan
Guys.... Waiting for your vdeo...🤙
10-7 Life
10-7 Life 4 days ago
No video again? Going to cry!
Leticia Castillo
Leticia Castillo 4 days ago
please take all the time you need and know you are in our prayers. Sending you lots of love, hugs and light.
Kathy C
Kathy C 4 days ago
Do you know when your going to try to come back to US-first......or if ever? I hope to see you soon. Your the second channel I started to watch.
Karen Shaw
Karen Shaw 4 days ago
Just letting you know....And i`m sure i`m not alone in this....But we miss you.....But understand why you are taking a break.......We`ll be here waiting for when you come back
Diane Griffith
Diane Griffith 2 days ago
I’ve felt the same-I came back to this last post just to read any newer comments. It’s been heartbreaking -I didn’t know her-I’m just a vlog follower and love Eamon and Becs videos as well as Trent and Allies plus Mr and Mrs Adventurer -and now Nomadic Movement-living vicariously through them as they all radiate such positive energy. I’m praying Eamon and Bec return yet know this has been a difficult time for them. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
ruby nevin
ruby nevin 4 days ago
i miss your vidoessss
misti das
misti das 4 days ago
Will u upload today.?
Sherry R.
Sherry R. 4 days ago
Be well, we miss you!
Chris A
Chris A 4 days ago
So sorry for your loss. I know they're little to make you feel better and it's easy to blame yourself but please don't . Depression is an illness, an ugly devastating one just as hard to treat as cancer. The idea that we can cure depression by "been there" for someone is a false one. We all get the blues or get exhausted and need to recharge but that's different. I was a "mental health" therapist for 15 years and the one thing I still hope for is that we start treating depression as any other "health" issues and leave all the emotional bs behind. I heard on other videos things like "I wish she knew she was enough" That's irrelevant to depression and suicide! Little consolation to you guys but Please take your time, process this devastating blow and we'll be waiting for more of your amazing content.
Crystal Currie
Crystal Currie 4 days ago
Wow. When you guys go big, you go big❤️
Joe Stokvis
Joe Stokvis 4 days ago
Please continue with the videos, so entertaining
mnguy mnwater
mnguy mnwater 4 days ago
Hope you guys are doing ok and we miss you!
FlyingWonderGirl 5 days ago
Tim is so fantastic!
נועם *
נועם * 5 days ago
happy for you. well done
Johan van Tonder
Johan van Tonder 5 days ago
Hi Guys, couldn't watch your videos for a few months, what happened to your Van in Morocco? Johan (Toronto)
Jeff T
Jeff T 5 days ago
I just learned yesterday the loss of your beloved friend Lee. It is still hard to believe the news today. I just want to share with you guys the deepest sorrow it has bring on me. Even though I never met Lee, I was seduced by her charming presence with you , just last year, during your African journey into Morocco. Seeing the three of you having so much fun despite the pandemic that was threatening the whole world, who could ever imagine the tragic end that was awaiting her down the road. I just want to send you, and Lee's family, my warmest condolences. This must be a very difficult time for you, but I know that with friends like you, Lee will never be forgotten. Take care, both of you.
Kim Mcdonagh
Kim Mcdonagh 5 days ago
I'm so sorry for your lose. Stay strong for each other. I lost my best friend June 2020 it's very hard I try to Remember the good times with her and I feel her around me everyday.
Delise Robarts
Delise Robarts 5 days ago
Amen Em back when are you going to release a new episode
Unrepresentative Representation
Woooooooooo! You got the VISION👁!!!
Christina Acosta
Christina Acosta 5 days ago
Hi Eamon and Bec, who designed your cool intro ? ;)
Randi Kiki
Randi Kiki 5 days ago
Eamon and Bec your grief must be all consuming. Lee was so happy when she was with you. Your love helped lift her depression. She could see the light when she was with you. I know when you are ready you will come back. We will all be here waiting for you. I love you guys so much. You make me so happy. My heart breaks for you💔. Lee rest peacefully sweet angel!
Aqilah 6 days ago
Hi there, I miss your Sunday vlog. It brings me so much joy watching you two. I look forward to my Sunday to watch your video. You guys have so much love for each other. I just love seeing it, really feel the love in the air. I know you are having a tough time now. Hope you both are staying strong, healthy and happy. I’m praying for your happiness. Love, from Malaysia.
Aqilah 6 days ago
Ps: I’m watching back your old vlogs, especially the one in Morocco 😭
s m
s m 6 days ago
Hard to watch again knowing about Lee.